Cyber Security

Ransonware (and other malicious attacks) Critically Impacts Real-World Businesses.  While this is scary, as a small business owner, you have no choice but to protect your assets.


our viewpoint

As cyber criminals become better at exploiting system weaknesses, it is critical that you have a comprehensive network security plan in place.   Components of that include network appliances like firewalls, virus protection and endpoint protection.  Weak or outdated security procedures leave your systems vulnerable to hackers who can steal and hold hostage your information for a set ransom.  They can also use your servers to launch attacks against other businesses, leaving you open to potential legal action.   We recommend multiple layers of protection to keep the bad guys out of your environment.

Critical components of your strategy should include:

  • A trusted partner
  • Documented policy/procedures for employees
  • An active firewall with zero time detection
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware protection
  • Regular updating of applications and systems
  • And a strong backup system


JSI listens to your business objectives and examines your systems to develop a set of recommendations to provide you the latest technology and the greatest protection.

60% of all malicious attacks are directed at small businesses

187% - year to date increase in global ransomware attacks through July 2022

1 in 6 organizations experienced 25 or more hours of downtime after an attack

$16.5B - predicated global ransomware damage costs by the close of 2023

31% - Percentage of customers impacted by a breach stated they discontiued their relationship with that organization