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Business Telephone Services {VoiP}

We offer one of the best values in phone service in the Triad.  We setup everything for you and provide rapid response to any need related to your phone service. All you need is an IP address for each phone you plan to use and we can assist with your networking needs too.  We use Yealink phones, which is your only hardware investment.

Companies of any size can achieve a great business phone system with a full suite of our VOIP products. Moreover, communication through hosted VoIP enables mobile workers to stay in touch while working from remote locations. Your business has sales or support staff. You can easily setup a call queue and route calls to the staff that is best qualified to quickly answer your customer’s questions. If you need an after hours attendant that is routed to a mobile employee on-call, that’s easy with the click of the mouse.

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High Speed Internet

Our partnership brings you AT&T products that are known worldwide for reliability. The AT&T team of networking professionals works around the clock and around the world on behalf of our customers. Our vertically specialized field personnel use skill sets developed from years of experience to address our customers’ distinct business goals and unique needs.

Fast & Reliable access to the internet is a critical avenue for conducting business, connecting with customers and suppliers, and accessing real-time applications. With AT&T Internet Access, businesses receive a fast, reliable and highly secure Internet connection. Our industry-leading network solutions can fit your business goals. Customize and build a reliable, scalable wired or wireless network solution for your unique requirements. AT&T Network Services offer solutions to connect to customers, business partners, and employees in real time.  Whether it’s for local or global access, AT&T can build a solution to meet any need.

Wireless WAN provides diverse, cost-effective backup for data applications, quick deployment for temporary, new or remote locations and consistent network connectivity. With Wireless WAN solutions you can, Get connectivity where and when you need it, Maintain more secure and reliable network connections and Build a cost-effective solution

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Easy to Use & Setup, Highly Customizable

Smart phone Applications, iPhone or Android

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Worldwide Reliability

24/7 Support from AT&T

Fast, Reliable and Highly Secure

WiFi connectivity when & where YOu need it

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