Network Design & Implementation

We have helped Hundreds of Clients Design and implement local and wide area Networks & Server Solutions



Choose the server solution that fits your business

JSI Datacom provides server solutions to businesses that are looking to increase productivity, improve security and enhance their business continuity with remote access to critical data.

No matter what kind of Microsoft server or support solution you’re in the market for, our certified technicians can help you choose a cost-effective and simple server strategy that will provide a ROI for the short and long-term future of your business.

JSI Datacom offers Server solutions that are:

  • Comprehensive – whether you need server support, installation or upgrades, we can help
  • Secure – protect your critical business data with on-site and off-site server backups
  • Fast – server repairs, server migrations or new server installations can be done quickly
  • Flexible – servers to fit your company needs


Virtual Private Networks – Harness the power of the internet

How Virtual Private Networks operate

A Virtual Private Network takes a public internet connection and “tunnels” a secure connection through it. Using this tunnel you have a secure connection to the office or to a branch office. There are two types of VPN. One type is useful for telecommuters or mobile employees who need to access data within the corporate network from their PC or laptop. The other type is useful for companies who have multiple offices or branches and would like to securely connect them over a public network such as the internet.

Implementing a VPN can help reduce your costs while improving network security and employee productivity.

Consider implementing a VPN if you are:

  • Currently using a leased line or other broadband connection
  • Accessing your network from home or from the road without using proper encryption and authentication techniques
  • Adding a new branch or office within your company
  • Equipping mobile sales staff with laptops or handheld computers
  • Establishing a relationship with a partner company that will require them to access data within your network

Wireless Networking

Let us help you get connected

With wireless networking technology you can use any computer, printer or web-enabled device in your office from the same internet connection. Wireless Network Setup services from our experts mean we can have your wireless network up and running in no time, so you can take advantage of all your technology has to offer from anywhere in your office.

The technicians at JSI Datacom can create and install a wireless network in your office that is fast, easy to use, and secure – using your technology has never been simpler.

Wireless Network Setup services from JSI Datacom include:

  • Basic wireless network installation – we’ll create a secure wireless network for your PCs, laptops and printers
  • Wireless network repair – for diagnosis and repair of any problems you may be experiencing
  • Wireless network security setup – to ensure your network remains safe from spam, hackers, viruses, malware and spyware


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